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We help small to medium sized organizations with strategic, technical Project Management to ensure that they are doing the right things to keep their projects aligned with their business goals.  While balancing the Project Management Triple Constraint Triangle of Scope-Cost-Schedule, we also bring in Quality, Risk and Change management to our Projects.

Further, we provide Contract Management services to ensure that these companies reap the benefits of the Contracts that they have negotiated, are positioned to negotiate from a position of strength, and are able to monitor the Contract Lifecycle.

Finally, we also provide Supplier Management resources to strengthen their Supply Chain, in the form of Supplier Performance Reviews and Supplier Capability and Capacity Assessments.  Performance Reviews identify both high and poor performing suppliers, rewards the former and identifies improvement plans for the latter.   Capability and Capacity Assessments can be used to identify Risk in the Supply Chain, or an organization can use it to determine their own maturity and preparedness to enter a highly regulated industry, such as automotive or aerospace.

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