Project Management Tools: Communication and Documentation

Effective communication and streamlined document management are foundational to project success. The second article in our four-part series about Project Management Tools explores the best-in-class tools that facilitate seamless collaboration and document handling. These tools are more than software applications: they’re gateways to enhanced productivity, ensuring that your team stays on the same page and that documents are accessible, secure, and integrated into your workflow. 

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Check back over the next two weeks when we will cover the following:

  • Project Management Tools: Time and Money
  • Project Management Tools: Visual Tools

Collaboration around Communication

Zoom (free and paid plans)

  • Overview: A leader in enterprise video communications, with an easy and reliable platform for video and audio conferencing.
  • What sets it apart: High-quality video conferencing capabilities and widespread familiarity across industries.

Microsoft Teams (paid plans) 

  • Overview: A unified communication and collaboration platform combining video meetings, file storage, and application integration.
  • What sets it apart: Deep integration with Microsoft 365 suite and robust features for enterprise-level collaboration.

Slack (free and paid plans)

  • Overview: A messaging app for teams that integrates with many other tools and provides a searchable history.
  • What sets it apart: Strong third-party integrations and channel-based messaging.

Google Meet (free)

  • Overview: A video communication service developed by Google, it is one of the two apps that replaced Google Hangouts, along with Google Chat.
  • What sets it apart: Direct integration with Google’s suite of apps.

Webex by Cisco (free and paid plans)

  • Overview: A comprehensive platform for online meetings, team collaboration, webinars, and video conferencing.
  • What sets it apart: Cisco’s security and features including training, remote support, and virtual event management.

Discord (free)

  • Overview: Originally designed for gamers, Discord has evolved into a general-use platform for various communities to talk, chat, and collaborate.
  • What sets it apart: Free voice, video, and text communication designed to allow users to create their communication servers.

Document and File Management

MS OneNote (free on most platforms; full version is included in MS Office suite, which is paid)  

  • Overview: A digital notebook for capturing, storing, and sharing information.
  • What sets it apart: Freeform document structure and seamless integration with Microsoft Office products.

Google Workspace (14-day free trial and paid plans)

  • Overview: A suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google.
  • What sets it apart: Real-time collaboration across a well-integrated suite of apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

OneDrive (free, with options to pay for more storage)

  • Overview: A file hosting and synchronization service operated by Microsoft as part of its web version of Office.
  • What sets it apart: Deep integration with Microsoft Office products.

Confluence (free and paid plans)

  • Overview: A web-based corporate wiki (documentation platform) developed by Atlassian.
  • What sets it apart: Specialized in knowledge management with robust collaboration features.

Sharepoint (paid plans)

  • Overview: A secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.
  • What sets it apart: Highly customizable and integrated with Microsoft Office suite for enterprise document management.

Evernote (free and paid plans)

  • Overview: An app for note-taking, organizing, task management, and archiving.
  • What sets it apart: Web clipping support and formatted note creation.

Box (free and paid plans)

  • Overview: A cloud content management and file-sharing service for businesses.
  • What sets it apart: Strong focus on security and collaboration tools tailored for business users.

Adobe Document Cloud (free trial and paid plans) 

  • Overview: Adobe’s suite of apps and services that centers on PDF conversion and document exchange services.
  • What sets it apart: Industry-leading tools for PDF management and deep integration with Adobe’s suite of creative products.

Dropbox (paid plans)

  • Overview: A cloud file storage service allowing users to store, locate, manage, and share digital assets within online folders and sync them across devices.
  • What sets it apart: Smart synchronization features and extensive app integrations.


Tools tailored to improve document management and communication are indispensable. Whether you’re coordinating with a team spread across the globe or need to manage countless documents, effective tools can make the difference between project success and chaos.

We help businesses manage projects to significantly impact their success and growth. When you’re ready to put your project in the hands of a trusted professional organization, contact us to learn more about working together.

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