Project Management

Project Management is one of our key skills. 


As a certified Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional ™ with real-word experience in manufacturing, telecommunications and aerospace, Angela Thurman knows the importance that proper project execution plays in your organization.  Therefore, she will seek to understand the underlying organizational values and strategies that are driving the project, then will execute for its success.

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In any project execution the stakes are high, and it is vital the there be clear communication with stakeholders and within the team.  The Project Manager must identify, evaluate and mitigate risks; establish, measure and report Key Performance Indicators; and always keep an eye on the strategic goals of the organization.  With over twenty (20) years of technical project management experience, you can rely on Angela Thurman and her team to do more than just manage a project schedule.

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as a service

Interested in hiring PMP-certified Project Managers to work on your project? 

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