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Busting 6 Project Management Myths

Every job or role has surrounding myths that have been perpetuated over the years. Several reasons contribute to why myths and misunderstandings about Project Management continue to exist:

  • Complexity: Project Management is a complex process, including tasks focused on planning, scheduling, resource management, risk management, stakeholder engagement, and more. And with a complicated process comes specific vocabulary and skillset expectations.
  • A lack of understanding: With such a vast body of knowledge, misunderstandings are bound to occur, especially among people with limited experience or exposure.  
  • Cultural differences: Diverse cultures may approach Project Management differently based on communication, collaboration, and implementation differences.
  • Insufficient Training: When unqualified or untrained individuals lead projects, the experience may cause project members or observers to misunderstand the value of project management.
  • Failed Projects: People may look for someone or something to blame when a project fails, leading them to choose Project Management as the cause. 
  • Personal Biases: Individuals with negative past experiences with Project Managers or specific methodologies may have a skewed perspective.

Let’s address some of these myths to ensure that Project Management is appropriately understood and used to maximize project success.

Myth #1: Project Management is only for large projects.

We can apply Project Management principles to any project of any size or complexity. While critical for large projects, small projects can also benefit from solid Project Management techniques that ensure they are completed on time, within budget, and at the required quality level.

Myth #2: Project Management is only for large organizations.

Project Management techniques and methodologies can be applied to any organization, regardless of size. Even small businesses or solo operations will benefit from using Project Management best practices to complete projects successfully.

Myth #3: Project Management is expensive.

Formal Project Management may incur additional costs, including hiring a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) or investing in Project Management software. The resulting benefits will likely outweigh the costs. Effective project management helps projects meet cost, schedule, quality, and resource allocation targets. Not meeting those goals could have a far larger financial impact than the modest investment.

Myth #4: Project Managers have complete control over everything.

Numerous factors can impact a project’s success, including team dynamics, unexpected changes in requirements, and even external factors such as economic conditions. While Project Managers are responsible for coordinating and managing the project, it would be impossible for one person to have complete control over all elements.

Myth #5: Project Management is a rigid, inflexible process.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Project Management. Contrary to what one might assume, we can tailor Project Management processes to fit each project’s specific needs. Successful project managers can adapt procedures and best practices to suit each project’s unique requirements.

Myth #6: Project Management is just about scheduling tasks.

Project Management involves planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals identified for the project. Beyond tracking tasks within a schedule, Project Management is about getting the work done. It’s also about building relationships, managing stakeholders, and communicating effectively to ensure everyone is on the same page.


While Project Management takes time and effort, the benefits of effective Project Management far outweigh the investment. Good Project Management helps teams complete projects on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. 

CIO magazine ranked the PMP as the top Project Management certification in North America. Employers can be assured that employees who have earned PMP certification are dedicated to excellence, perform at high levels, and have the skills to drive business results.

At Thurman Co., we embrace the PMI certification principles as part of the foundational framework driving how we operate and interact with clients, suppliers, and partners.

We help businesses manage projects to significantly impact their success and growth. When you’re ready to put your project in the hands of a trusted professional organization, contact us to learn more about working together.

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