Meet our Founder and Leading Lady Angela Thurman

People are starting to notice our founder, Angela Thurman’s, hard work – and for good reason. She is the subject of a few recent LinkedIn features that highlight her successes as a woman in Aerospace, Manufacturing, and STEM.

Leading Ladies of Aerospace – Wonder Woman Wednesday

Leading Ladies of Aerospace is a group on LinkedIn consisting of many accomplished women in aerospace. The group recently featured Angela as their “Wonder Woman” of the week. She shares some of her inspiration and a few moments in her aerospace career that made a lasting impact on her life.

Angela joined the aerospace field in 1988, working as an Electrical Engineer for NASA. Within a month of holding this position, she witnessed the STS-26 Space Shuttle’s return to flight following the Challenger disaster. She cites this as her favorite aerospace moment and still remembers the energy and excitement in the air that day.

Angela’s favorite “Leading Lady Moment” is also featured in the post. She once worked with a team that negotiated a $2.5B contract with a major supplier of telecommunications equipment. She received a Waterman pen as a token of appreciation from her employer. Looking at the pen reminds Angela of a time that she felt her hard work was acknowledged and working with an inspiring team.

This Wonder Woman Wednesday feature gives Angela the opportunity to inspire other women, which she deeply enjoys. She shares that she wants all women with whom she works to feel valued the way that she did in those highlights of her career.

Angela writes that Lady Ada Lovelace has been an inspiration to her for her discoveries in mathematics and computing. Leading Ladies of Aerospace sees Angela’s own accomplishments in a similar light, and she is grateful the group chose her for this honor.

Women of WiM – Member Spotlight

Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Texas Chapter featured Angela in their monthly Member Spotlight series on Linkedin. In the post, Angela discusses the importance her experience with manufacturing has had on her career, from aerospace to telecommunications to defense. She believes that manufactured goods are the backbone of the economy, and she continues to support this claim with the work that Thurman Co provides.

The intersection of her careers in manufacturing, engineering, and project management provides a unique area of expertise for Angela and Thurman Co. In the WiM feature, Angela discusses her certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) in more depth.

She shares that she was trained by Dr. Harold Kerzner at NASA while she worked as an Electrical Engineer at NASA Glenn in Cleveland, Ohio. She would continue her career in this way, exploring many subject areas and gaining knowledge about diverse fields which she would eventually merge together with Thurman Co.

While she certainly has racked up experience of her own in different workplaces, she closes out by stressing the importance of learning from mature coworkers. She values the insights that their years of work and life have provided. Her constant pursuit of knowledge certainly pays off, and WiM takes notice.

Ingor Van Rooi’s “Wonder Woman Wednesdays”

Ingor Van Rooi and Angela are part of a networking group together. Ingor writes in her Wonder Woman Wednesday post that she sees Angela’s heart for helping others through her generosity in all of their meetings.

This post is a window into Angela’s personality and the passions that drive her to do everything that she does in her career. Ingor shares some of Angela’s passions that are evident in her work with Thurman Co:

  • The Program Management cycle
  • Mentoring
  • Constant learning
  • Continuous improvement
  • Solving complex problems

She also provides a glimpse of Angela’s personal interests, like orchids, American Mensa, and Bichon Frise dogs. These are the building blocks that come together to make Angela the Wonder Woman that we know and love here at Thurman Co!

We at Thurman Co are proud to work with this leading lady. We look forward to seeing all of the impacts she continues to make through her work in project management, contract management, and supplier management.

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